"Don't let the name fool you: The Unnamed Angband has no shortage of distinct flavour that sets it apart from any other variant. You adventure in Tolkien's world, through towns and wilderness and multiple dungeons, journeying from Bree towards greater and greater danger.

This variant roughly doubles the monster list, expands the class-based system of Angband with numerous possible specialties that let you fashion a unique character, offers a positively absurd variety of terrain (cages that trap you, floor chests that can store objects, burnable woods, chasms, bloodstains), and includes a bunch of major interface improvements, including better presentation of graphics and an experimental isometric view." - From angband.oook.cz.
Welcome to Unangband, my variant of Angband. Angband has a long history of development: I recommend you check out the excellent resources at angband.oook.cz and the wikipedia entry on Angband if you are interested in the history and current state of the play for this game.

I highly recommend you download the latest version of Unangband and start playing. Don't forget to upload your character dumps to the Angband Ladder at angband.oook.cz and get bragging...

If you are interested in the development side of Angband, check out the links under the resources section to the right, including my development blog, which is updated regularly. The only thing updated more frequently is the SVN source code repository hosted at the development page, and you can browse that for tid bits on what will be in the next Unangband release. Of particular interest to you will be the change log and todo list that are maintained in the repository.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Unangband 0.6.4b Linux version now available

You can download this from the link on the right (Thanks to Mike). There's also a PKGBUILD for Archlinux (Thanks to SaThaRiel).

Monday, 19 September 2011

Unangband 0.6.4b released

This is a back port of a number of features from the SVN version which probably deserve some air time prior to me releasing a broken 0.6.5.  You can download the source code from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064b-src.zip, a precompiled Windows build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064b-win.zip and a precompiled OS/X (Intel) build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/Unangband-0.6.4b-osx.dmg.

Changes as follows:

- Every spell book you study now uses up an inventory slot.

- Magic bags use two inventory slots.

- A number of new magic bags to spread out e.g. potions, among more bags.

- Mushrooms with mixed abilities.

- Monsters can now be dazed, hallucinate, suffer amnesia and be terrified (as opposed to merely afraid).

- Sorcerers get illusion spells which damage monsters which are hallucinating or sleeping.

- Priest monsters (and allies) now cast useful magics on their companions.

- Familiars now get more abilities including intentional support of draining life healing the player.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Unangband 0.6.4a released

You can download the source code from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064a-src.zip and a precompiled Windows build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064a-win.zip.

Changes in this release:

- Fix crash on Windows when levelling up (Reported by michielgk).

- Prevent friendly uniques from being invulnerable to enemy attacks (Reported by Ashkir).

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Unangband 0.6.4 windows debug build

I've released a debug build of the Windows version for those people experiencing the crash on level up bug which I've not been able to duplicate.

You can download this debug build from here and update the bug details here if you experience the crash with this build.

This also includes a fix for the invulnerable familiar bug discussed here.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Unangband 0.6.4 released

This is the "Once your variant gets a nowhere town, it will never leave" release aka "Wasn't this supposed to be out months ago?"

You can download the source code from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064-src.zip. You can download a precompiled Windows build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064-win.zip, a pre-compiled Mac OS/X build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/Unangband-0.6.4-osx.dmg. A Linux version should be following shortly. [Edit: Now available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064.tar.gz - thanks to Mike].

Special thanks to all those who reported bugs and especially those who fixed them for this release. My apologies if I didn't get to your bug this time around.

### Game Play ###

- Add low level spell to allow Masters to light rooms.

- Ensure minimum blood debt.

- Reduce summoning debt for some monster types.

- Allow travelling while poison is slowed.

- Allow line of sight/panel/level based spells to affect objects and
grids separately from monsters.

- Improve sensing of non-cursed items using techniques which sense cursed state.

- Improve sensing to note that an item is not cursed when you wield it and it is not cursed, if it was unusual or nonmagical (The other cases were correctly handled prior to this).

- If you sense what bag an item belongs in without identifying the item,
all subsequently created items are similarly sensed

- Make Cure Poison mushrooms cure poison instead of slowing it.

- Rebalance some master summoning spells to be more useful at lower levels, as well as balance some of the resulting summons.

- Differentiate spells which summon a monster, versus those which create or animate a monster. The latter do not incur mana or blood debt and do not leave your service.

- Hatched eggs or rebuilt golems no longer leave your service.

- Lemures are now truly larval.

- Prevent regions 'double-hitting' a grid during the same attack.

- Make some plants strangle.

- Prevent monsters fighting each other from using attacks which would heal their intended target (Reported by vrbones).

- Make player traps more useful: murder holes use up ammunition less frequently; spring-loaded traps never use up ammunition; allow magic items with higher multipliers when set in traps; give bonus shots and damage multipliers to traps set by the player deeper in the dungeon.

- Add deeper and more deadly murder holes and spring-loaded traps.

- Cure all (debug command) should restore stats before healing.

- Better balance depth of traps based on damage.

- Slight tweak to ensure monkeys only carry pebbles.

- Flask throwing monsters can now carry gunpowder flasks.

- Add seeker shots.

- Allow monsters to surrender.

- Attempt to make mechanisms useful for something.

- Add Reveal Secrets spell.

- Grey monsters are now consistently immune to acid and cold and frequently immune to poison. Grey orcs no longer blink (bug 16745).

- Add identify and recharge item I services to the Magic Shop. These were almost always added by the presence of various Wizard books in those shops, and so unfairly penalized non-Wizard school casters. (Bug 16739, suggested by thorgot). Doubled cost of identify service to compensate.

- Give take item to unseen servants to make them more servant like.

- You now learn monster hit points and armour class based on the number of times you damage the monster, and the number of times you attack the monster with attacks which can miss, instead of the number of times you kill them.

- Make magic mapping dection area consistant with all other detection areas.

### User Interface ###

- Warn the player if their summoning spell doesn't produce a monster.

- Summoned monsters are always visible the first round they are summoned.

- Changed sunken city to sunken cities (Suggested by Arralen).

- Add reserve mana to character display. (Thanks to bigalphillips for this and other fixes).

- Rewrite level up screen to show how increasing a stat will affect your characters abilities. (Thanks to bigalphillips)

- Move Gain Familiar Ability menu over to fit longer entries on a 80x24 screen.

- Minor command documentation changes

### Bug Fixes ###

- Prevent monsters being entombed by traps or regions.

- Fix style description on character sheet.

- Fix display not refreshing after a quake.

- Fix psionic blast message.

- Fix for monsters not incurring summoning debt.

- Distinguish between spells which summon multiples of 1 of a monster vs spells which can summon group monsters.

- Fix for Bug #16933 Libraries need owners

- Fix for 016789 Targeting that does not target ...

- Fix for bug #16792 {Magic} items are called egos or artifacts, but not always (Reported by bigalphillips).

- Fix for Bug #16799 Monster is afraid after already dying (Reported by bigalphillips).

- Fix monster spell and blow descriptions.

- Remove invalid assertion that would cause game to crash.

- Fix description of monsters guarding locations.

- Was biasing stairs in wrong direction.

- Fix for bug Bug #16746 Lines of doors and shops appear in dungeon (Thanks to Big Al for triage and careful analysis).

- Fix for bug 016731 Sanity check birth_gollum.

- Fix for bug 016730 Don't award disarming experience for traps you can't hit

- Fix for potion of experience description.

- Fix parsing of dungeon zone names (reported by Arralen).

- Fix up bag of holdings in dumps. (#16791)

- Fix up various documentation inconsistancies and typos.

- Fix descriptions of bags of holding in death dumps.

- Fix for Bug #16732 stealing doesn't display items you can steal.

- Fix for bug #16780 failed to move 1, 0 messages (Reported by bigalphilips).

- Fix up some typos in character dumps. (#16734)

- Fix spell power calculations (especially for Apprentice Mages). #16735.

- Fix gollum mode birth option. (#16733)

- Fix bug where tangleroot/briarpatch would damage monsters not near water or plants (Reported by satyr).

- Fix bug where detect objects would detect the terrain which contained an object (Reported by arralen).

- Fix pickup messages for items in magic bags. (#13835)

- Fix for bug 16743 Lightning Spark description (Reported by Bandobras).

- Fix for bug 16758 Sting spell never learned, uses energy or mana (Foolishly reported by Pete Mack, also konijn and others)

- Fix for bug 016749 specialist items in off-hand slot can be destroyed by acid

- Fix for bug 016748 specialist can't wield to off-hand slot if a shield is worn.

- Add parentheses to fix punctuation problems. (#16760)

- Stop the player from landing on the downstairs of the Mirkwood Cellers (towns now use MORE and LESS flags).

- First pass at updating monster descriptions to include damage for spells and breaths. There's a couple of extraneous 'to's but looks good otherwise.

- Fix lighting of lanterns with no fuel message.

- Fix up spellbook descriptions for magic specialists.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Unangband 0.6.4-pre4 released

This is another pre-release of Unangband 0.6.4.

You can download the source code from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064-pre4-src.zip. You can download a precompiled Windows build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064-pre4-win.zip, a pre-compiled Mac OS/X build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/Unangband-0.6.4-pre4-osx.dmg and a precompiled Linux build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064-pre4-linux.tar.bz2 (Thanks to Mike, Th. G. and SaThaRiel - I've ended up using Mike's compile).

### Game Play ###

- Add three additional druid spells including a pre-requisite spell
for 3rd book druidic cold spells.

- Ent's Song and Ent's Seeds now ranged.

- As the Stone troll uniques are tougher than Ted Sandyman, Bill Ferny
and Lotho, swap the relative depths of the two sets of uniques.

- Improve running algorithm to ignore terrain the player starts near.
The only outstanding item is for the player to be able to follow the
walls of wide corridors more easily.

### User Interface ###

- Add option 'ally_messages' for people who want detailled combat
messages for allies.

- Hitting 'x' while targetting allows you to target your allies.

- Add ^L command (X in roguelike keyset) to center the screen on the
player (From Angband 3.1.2).

- Add 'h'andle command ('%' in roguelike keyset) which allows you to
choose an item, then specify which command you use with that item.
This will support the inscribing the item with %x where you automatic-
ally choose command 'x' if you handle the item, but that component has
not been implemented yet. There's also quite a bit that can be done on
the menu display side of things. This will at some point support
commands that an item can be the transitive component for e.g. you'll
be able to choose a torch to fuel the one you have equipped, as
opposed to at the moment you have to choose the equipped torch, then
the torch you wish to fuel it with.

- Significantly improve the quality of object and spell descriptions.

- Improve region descriptions.

- For some reason the single space indentation following a line
return in text_out_to_screen was being added to the previous line. I've
removed this for the moment.

- Prevent allies movement disturbing the player.

- You now notice the language skills imparted by equipment and race.

- You now notice when examining an object or shape, which objects
or shapes prevent various flags from taking effect.

- Shape change spells now provide a description of what the shape
change does to you.

### Bug fixes ###

- Fix various issues with allies not attacking enemies, particularly
if they were some distance from the player, or immobile.

- Fix for projections ending up targetting the caster if a monster was
in the way.

- Fix misplaced return in game statistics output.

- Fix crash when checking for fumble with zero or negative chance to
hit (Thanks to Pete Mack).

- Fix for loading familiar fix. Had accidentally put this outside the
loop (Thanks to SaThaRiel).

- Fix help file reference.

### Build / Platform ###

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Unangband 0.6.4-pre3 released

This is probably the final prerelease before the Unangband 0.6.4 release.

You can download the source code from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064-pre3-src.zip. You can download a precompiled Windows build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-064-pre3-win.zip or or a precompiled OS/X build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/Unangband-0.6.4-pre3-osx.dmg. If someone could compile a Linux build for me would be much appreciated.

Changes follow:

### Game Play ###

- Allow the familiar to spy for the player if the player is blind.

- Add further tweaks to familiars and allies spying for you.

- Allies capable of detecting scents now track and chase nearby monsters even out of line of sight.

- Add more familiar types.

- Familiars now always get an attack when the player reaches 10th level, plus an additional ability depending on the type of familiar.

- Increase length of time allies, neutral monsters hang around.

- Try to make familiars without blows at least somewhat useful by improving spying and making them fetch objects for you.

- As mana and hp regeneration have been separated, they should only affect food consumption half as much each.

- Reduce time required to control an uncontrolled object.

- Allow player to notice when their equipment doesn't activate uncontrollably.

- Make resist blindness flag consistently allow monster to see invisible.

- Prevent allies walking into traps.

- Prevent allies evading your attacks if you target them directly (This allows you to use a Wand of Heal Monster on your familiar reliably).

- Sleeping using the 'Rest until Dusk / Rest until Dawn' service now recovers stats somewhat.

- Reorganise bard spell books so they have 4 basic books instead of 3.

- Provide additional documentation during character creation for
magic, prayer and song book specialisation and school choices.

- 'M'ap command in town reveals 'hand-drawn' map of Middle Earth.

- If a multiplying monster is poisoned, their spawn will be likewise
poisoned. This makes Stinking Cloud and Dust of Sneezing & Choking
much more effective against breeders.

- Make water created by Find Water more fountain like.

### User Interface ###

- Include depth of deepest unique in order to provide rankings for competition (Requested by pav).

- Add additional categories for new tip files in tip knowledge menu. Oops. Didn't realise these were visible - they might have to be somewhat

- Ensure visible traps have visible trap regions.

- Skip allied monsters when looking to steal.

- Improve formatting of spoiler table for very long object names somewhat.

- Add tips for wizards, master and druid players.

- Add tips file for Find Familiar spell.

- Add game statistics option to knowledge menu and included in
character dump. At the moment, just statistics about monsters killed
are included.

### Bug fixes ###

- Fixed Call Lightning.

- Fix bug where monsters would take damage if a feature was created under them (reported by thorgot).

- Fix/workaround for duplicate tips appearing.

- Fix problem with familiar improvements being delayed by one or more levels.

- Fix assembly and body part descriptions.

- Fix shadow fairy mana regeneration.

- Fix bug preventing uncontrolled objects becoming controllable.

- Fix bug where equipment making the player hungry could incorrectly mark them as a dwarf.

- Fixed wasn't scaling distance by scale factor when checking whether allies could see invisible monsters.

- Fix conditional test to check whether 'Rest' services could be used at day/night.

- Fix bug in poly room generation code (Thanks to SaThaRiel).

- Fix crash bug when displaying object descriptions which included a range.

- Fix scattering bug that prevented scattering more than 1 square distance.

- Fix region projection bugs that prevented automatic regions having any effect.

- Clear targets for monsters you successfully ally through offering.

- Fix for Sting not working (Reported by thorgot).

- Fix to output of monster spoilers.

- Fix detection spells so that they update the display immediately.

### Build / Platform ###

- You can now add tip files for spells, if a player studies the individual spell. These are of the form spellnn.txt.

- Wasn't treating evasive as as powerful as it really should have been for monster power calculations.