"Don't let the name fool you: The Unnamed Angband has no shortage of distinct flavour that sets it apart from any other variant. You adventure in Tolkien's world, through towns and wilderness and multiple dungeons, journeying from Bree towards greater and greater danger.

This variant roughly doubles the monster list, expands the class-based system of Angband with numerous possible specialties that let you fashion a unique character, offers a positively absurd variety of terrain (cages that trap you, floor chests that can store objects, burnable woods, chasms, bloodstains), and includes a bunch of major interface improvements, including better presentation of graphics and an experimental isometric view." - From angband.oook.cz.
Welcome to the old Unangband page, a variant of Angband which I developed for over ten years.

The official Unangband home page is now at at https://dgolddragon28.github.io/Unangband/ which contains links to the latest releases and source code.

I would also like to thank the new Unangband maintainer DGoldDragon28 for taking over this variant. DGoldDragon28 had been developing a variant based on Unangband, and now has my blessing to continue with the main Unangband releases as well.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Unangband-0.6.2-wip7a has been released

This release is mostly a bug fix revision to wip7, however, I was able to sneak in some game play changes.

Source code is available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-062-wip7a-src.zip

[Edit] A precompiled Windows executable is available at

A precompiled OS/X executable is available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/Unangband-0.6.2-wip7a-osx.dmg

Please report any bugs to http://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?group_id=331

### Game Play ###

- You can now use the run command to 'step' into an adjacent monster, instead of attacking

- Vampires/inns allow rest until dusk/dawn.

- Service of Healing now available at the temple.

- You no longer have to be full to travel.

- The player only suffers a monster disease if the monster disease state isn't upgraded. This
gives them some grace e.g. preventing small chance of paralysis on the first blow.

- Disease monsters now afflict you with the disease effects straight away.

- Different approach to applying disease effects. They now only hit you when you enter a level,
unless a quick disease (which retains the old process).

- Added ecologies based on monster name and dragon breaths.

- Make trees resistant to blunt weapons.

### User Interface ###

- Added display of command listing by pressing Enter key.

- Grey out gifted and chosen school choices where no spell available in the first spellbook.

- Prevent show_tips interrupting running and repeated actions.

### Bug Fixes ###

- Fix up some animal speech sayings.

- Tweak berserk so that it is cast in low mana situations.

- Fix possible crash bug with diseases.

- Fix outstanding part of Bug #10219 Coating related issues: identifying a coated arrow removes the inscription (but not the effect).

- Fix part of Bug #10219 Coating related issues: mushroom of Sickness coating on an arrow did not get identified even though the pink jelly was reported as "appears sicklier". The jelly is no longer harmed by the coating after that.

- Ensure any item with immediately noticeable negatives is cursed.

- Fix for Bug #12215 Everything is "nearby" in the wilderness

- Fixed bug preventing cursed rings of Teleportation from working correctly.

- Fix for Bug #10266 Golden Crowns always {of Might?}.

- Allow potions etc to be thrown from magical bags.

- Fix bug Bug #12228 No death cause.

- Fix Parth Galen.

- Try to display messages before improving stats.

- Fixes to easy_more messaging.

- Fix for Bug #12229 Rooms types have wildly different loot amounts.

- Fix bug Bug #12283 view_granite_lite option not turning off.

- Fix for Bug #10197 Some things about new dungeon object.

- Fix for Bug #8420 Warriors of *slaying only get 5 blows.

- Fix for one-handed/two-handed warriors still qualifying for none style when wielding a shield.

- Fix for Bug #10284 stack_force_notes doesn't work with full inventory in stores.

- Fix for Bug #10230 Shop services prevent shop buyout.

- Fix for bug #11910 Outer walls in town not lit.

- Possible fix for Bug #12238 Trees change colour after reload.

- Fixes for Bug #12279 Level weirdness from out of sequence maps.

- Fix for Bug #12278 Rewards not available if worth more than current gold.

- Fix for Bug #12277: Windows mouse tracking crashes outside town.

- Fix for after each price the string " 32" was printed (Thanks to Peter Wiersig for the patch).

- Fix Bug #11909 - Random choice not selectable if all choices are greyed out.

- Added prerequisites for Frost Bolt II and III.

- Fix for #12234 cannot parse savefile.

- Fix moving to stores with mouse.

- Fix bug #12291 ancient hex garbles display.

### Build / Platform ###

- Add spell tables spoiler.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Unangband 0.6.2-wip7a

As per usual, I'll be releasing a wip7a in a couple of days. This will be to fix a save file corruption bug - I had put in a work around to allow you to continue playing, however I now have a fix committed to SVN, which can also recover the 'corrupted' save file (which was never in reality corrupted - the load file logic had a subtle bug).

I'll wait a couple of days to see if any other critical bugs are 'shake out' of the play testing going on at the moment.

In addition, I've just committed some more spoiler generation code. This generates the spell table spoilers which I have uploaded here if you wish to peruse them.

[Edit] I'm ready to go with wip7a, as soon as the Berlios ftp server starts responding...

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Unangband 0.6.2-wip7 has been released


I was hoping to make this a beta release, but there's been enough significant platform changes that will need ironing out before I can confidently call this beta.

Having said that, this version is almost feature complete. I just need to decide how to address some game balance issuses raised by Mikolaj Konarski and Matthias Rudolf. Continued thanks as well to Mikolaj for constant feedback, bug reporting and patches to the code base.

Source code is available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-0.6.2-wip7-src.zip

[Edit] A precompiled Windows executable is available at
Many thanks to Nick McConnell, maintainer of FAAngband, for compiling this for me.

A precompiled OS/X executable is available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-0.6.2-wip7-osx.dmg

Please report any bugs to http://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?group_id=331

### Game Play ###

- Implemented the remaining spells in the player spell lists. Add and update a few spells borrowed from Sangband.

- Druidic monsters now regenerate mana from water and health from living terrain.

- You get additional blows with your weapon while charging: one if you'd
normally get three blows, two if you'd normally get five, and so on.
Only the first blow gets the charging bonus, but all are effective
against huge monsters.

- Huge monsters can now be easily attacked if you are standing on
rubble, trees, vents and other terrain that requires two turns to
climb onto.

- Allow player to select sneaking using the hash key. This currently only prevents your allies from attacking 'unaware' monsters.

- Prevent allies eating too much while they fight.

- Fix allies spying.

- Fix monsters not fighting whilst hidden.

- A large number of other fixes to the allied monster AI.

- Archers now share ammunition between themselves to ensure that the majority of the group has ammunition.

- At the Battle of Five Armies, you should now be accompanied by allied troops. This should make battlefield locations more interesting to fight in; a further revision will occur next version.

- Invisible monsters now 'dance' around the player in melee to avoid being too easily guessable as to where they are.

- Fix long outstanding bugs where you would incorrectly guess flags on items you have.

- Fix long outstanding bugs where monsters would talk about incorrect player resistances.

- Revert to old inaccessible Hobbiton layout. In general, you won't run into any high level uniques in towns, like you used to, until certain key conditions have been met. Similarly, there are very few dungeon uniques you are required to fight. Certain events have much more wide-ranging consequences - hopefully the dungeon descriptions will provide enough of
a warning.

- Allow food / wands / staffs / rods and some rings to appear in piles.

- Decrease the relative frequency of drops of items that appear in piles.

- Allow crowns to appear in the dungeon with a much higher bonuses.

- Armour appears in the dungeon with better bonuses.

- Decrease overall frequency of wands.

- Added 'sub-ecologies' which are collections of rooms which share a common part of the monster ecology.

- Made slowdown at negative speeds smaller. As before, -10 to speed makes normal monsters twice as fast as you are, but no longer -7 does (Mikolaj Konarski).

- Only restock and shuffle shops of the home town, to prevent shopping scumming
(Mikolaj Konarski).

- Beefed up HAFTED a little bit for priests --- with free constant Bless it was too weak
an advantage (Mikolaj Konarski).

- Make Smeagol a more interesting opponent.

- There's no point having monsters that cast invisible never be seen - they may as well just
have INVISIBLE flag. Likewise for blessed etc.

- Significant bug-fixes and improvements to the dungeon generation code to the point where
its pretty much feature complete. "I've just played current V (Farm dungeon) and the dungeon
generation is so much better after your recent work. Rooms, tunnels and even monsters are much
more interesting and not just random, but with a nontrivial pattern that you start to grasp
after several levels."

### User Interface ###

- Limit the player from specifying an amount greater than the number of items that they think
they can purchase in a store (using the listed price).

- Added 'easy_more' option to minimise the number of -more- prompts you have to go through.
Please note this is initial work only and may need some testing / cause some messages to be lost.

- Reverse mouse buttons. Left-button now aims, right button now clicks.

- You can now press 's' while looking/targetting a monster to cycle between monsters of that
race only. You can press 'a' to assault a location with any allied troops.

### Bug Fixes ###

- Fixed bug with weird identification issues with Tom Bombadil's house etc.

- Fix bug with monsters not appearing in towers.

- Fix bug #12237 by requiring a guardian to be killed in order to visit the Paths of the Dead or Lothlorien.

- Fix bug where you could wound monsters with NO_CUTS flag.

- Fix bug where monsters could pick up money.

- Fix bug on OS/X platform with user directories not being created.

- Fix monsters not generating ammo using ADD_AMMO flag.

- Please see the online database for other bug fixes.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Unangband 0.6.2 beta release imminent

I'm going to be releasing another update of Unangband 0.6.2 in the next week and I'd like to make it a beta rather than a work in progress release if possible. The distinction in my mind is that the work in progress releases have known problems with the dungeon generation algorithm that could get you into fairly stuck positions. All (but one) of these has been fixed, and the remaining problem is just that the dungeon gets sometimes split in two. With me planning persistent levels further down the track, I'm not sure whether this will even be a problem in the long term.

I've got two requests of anyone interested in helping this release go a little more smoothly.

Firstly, if you can compile, could you compile a debug build from the SVN, with -DALLOW_BORG compiled in, test it and report bugs.

You could even let the (dumb) borg run if you want (^Z to start him. Probably add a small delay factor e.g. 3 in the options menu). Note that this is the Leon Marrick dumb borg implementation, so he's not really playing the game. I'd like any crashes reported on the bug tracking system as well as any infinite loops that you've had to break out of.

Secondly, I need a volunteer to be able to compile a Windows executable, when I'm ready to release, probably this Wednesday or Thursday. Drop me a comment here if you're interested.