"Don't let the name fool you: The Unnamed Angband has no shortage of distinct flavour that sets it apart from any other variant. You adventure in Tolkien's world, through towns and wilderness and multiple dungeons, journeying from Bree towards greater and greater danger.

This variant roughly doubles the monster list, expands the class-based system of Angband with numerous possible specialties that let you fashion a unique character, offers a positively absurd variety of terrain (cages that trap you, floor chests that can store objects, burnable woods, chasms, bloodstains), and includes a bunch of major interface improvements, including better presentation of graphics and an experimental isometric view." - From angband.oook.cz.
Welcome to the old Unangband page, a variant of Angband which I developed for over ten years.

The official Unangband home page is now at at https://dgolddragon28.github.io/Unangband/ which contains links to the latest releases and source code.

I would also like to thank the new Unangband maintainer DGoldDragon28 for taking over this variant. DGoldDragon28 had been developing a variant based on Unangband, and now has my blessing to continue with the main Unangband releases as well.

Monday, 8 June 2009

[Un] Unangband 0.6.3 released

This is the final release of Unangband 0.6.3 "Death to the Case Statement" aka "The Projected Release".

You can download the source code from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-063-src.zip. You can download a precompiled Windows build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-063-win.zip or a precompiled OS/X build from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/Unangband-0.6.3-osx.dmg.

A full list of changes follows:

### Game Play ###

- Compress dungeon levels from 0 - 100 to 0 - 60 to speed up the end game.

- Allow player to assemble friendly monsters and carry eggs to hatch friendly monsters.

- Prohibit certain races from acquiring particular equipment flags.

- Penalize shape shifter mana.

- Add ability to tattoo and woad yourself.

- Change earthquakes and destruction to use projection code.

- Add wilderness paths (from FAAngband).

- Try harder to prevent escape from Moria.

- Add firearms.

- Updated druidic spells to use new region code.

- Add in new sorceror spells that allow them to create traps from objects and other spells.

- Make body armours appear earlier in the dungeon. This is to try to make them a more viable option...

- Tweak weapon values as per blog. Note there are some additional tweaks here not mentioned in the blog entry.

- Add additional trap types.

- Add poisonous levels.

- Change how traps themes work.

- Sneaky monsters can now disarm traps.

- Implement sticks to snakes and familiars. Somewhat hackish.

- Tweak spell lists for mages based on 'Designing a Magic System - Part 14'

- Add some useful low level rings so that first rings !cursed. Now the first cursed rings occur at level 15, and are actually mixed cursed and beneficial.

- Altered amulets so there is no duplication in ring and amulet abilities. Amulets now occur deeper and are almost always useful.

- Make freeze have an ice effect.

- Increase power of torch and chill spells.

- Added slow poison potions and spells back. Slow poison now delays the onset of poison effect.

- Added slow digestion temporary effect.

- Added spells and mushrooms of slow metabolism.

- Improve Sauron end game. Morgoth end game still to be done.

- Remove rooms from Fangorn aflame.

- Golems leave behind larger parts to make them easier to reassemble when destroyed.

- Add remaining disease remedies.

- Applying a flask to yourself will hurt you.

- Reduce accuracy at range at the same rate for both player and monsters.

- Tweak monster to hit values so that deeper monsters are as accurate as 0.6.2, missile weapon range has a constant penalty, and only shields provide additional protection at range.

- Blind monsters can now cast spells, just inaccurately.

- Tweak Miasma and Cloud Kill to take advantage of poison graduate effects.

- Increase the range of different poison attacks.

- Weaken poison ball initial damage for weaker poison balls.

- Prevent allies from teleporting away as often.

- Modified stinking cloud so it does no immediate damage.

- Change how chill spell works.

- Tweak flask frequencies.

- Allow potions of water to wash off other coatings.

- All objects (wands/staffs etc) now base their damage on the object level.

- Improve semantics of sense_magic.

- Add ac protection to a variety of weapons.

- Add more variety to criticals inflicted by weapons.

- Rebalance frequency of many low level items.

- Learn by use for bows for a fixed number of shots.

- Decrease uses required to id by use.

- Remove feedback from Gandalf's shop and replace with a useful lower level service.

- Change how slays and brands work for gloves, bows and rings.

- Player traps now use slays and brands.

- Slight tweak to the ac of a couple of low level monsters.

- Slight tweak to make scarecrows deeper than green molds.

- Add scarecrow. Make snakes more interesting.

- Added spikey mushroom patches and stone jellies.

- Magic shops and temples will now buy statues.

- Add monster pits.

- Increase ecology variety.

- Make Farmer Maggot easier to kill via ranged attacks.

- Allow player to travel directly from rebuilt Hobbiton to Angband. Not sure why this was removed.

- Thieves now improve searching as they improve levels.

- Traps now affect a region around them.

- Work on improving rubble with objects. Make this rubble only sometimes have objects but room description indicate when it is likely that this is the case.

- Monster ecologies now ramp up so that the most dangerous monster is only found in the central most room of that ecology.

- Dangerous vaults now have much more dangerous monsters surrounding them.

- Implement Sangband style vaults.

- Significantly improve correctness and variety of ecologies.

- Bows and thrown weapons can now go off-target (from Sangband).

- You now push past harmless townsfolk.

- Force better frequencies of object drops on the floor so that each treasure
type will be equally likely (with a fudge factor based on object level).

### User Interface ###

- Reenable tunnelling using the alter key.

- Added Dubtrain Angband Sound Pack v3.1.0

- Remove original Angband sounds.

- Added cheat_wall option to pseudo-colour walls for debugging

- Make permanent rock distinguishable from normal rock.

- If an item/spell is known, display the area of effect when targetting to better allow the player to use the ability.

- Change druid starting light spell.

- Windy rooms and items give the player good defense against archery.

- Tweak names of throwing items.

- Don't run on known regions.

- Improve correctness of retargetting code.

- Ensure itemlist view is up to date.

- Allow running algorithm to navigate pillared rooms and crypt style corridors.

- Differentiate between known and unknown bodies based on whether that monster type has been seen before.

- Improve user interface experience with the monlist options.

- Support correct pluralization in the monster list.

- Hide messages about allies buffing themselves.

- Change appearance of some terrain to better distinguish it.

- Create easy_monlist option to show the monster/object list the whole time.

- Include objects in the 'monster' list.

- Colour monster list based on wakefulness.

- Improve monster display list command.

- Provide some more information about traps and terrain in the help

- Allow random selection during character generation to include ghosted choices (requested by Arralen).

- Fixed problems with skills not being correctly displayed in birth menus and added colourised stat modifiers.

- Provide more information when browsing a book about whether you can learn a spell.

- It's now clearer when you miss when throwing or shooting.

- Make 'measure of control' messages less frequent.

### Bug fixes ###

- Many, many bugfixes, particularly due to code rewrites in a number of areas.

I would like to thank the numerous Unangband contributors, especially darke, for the work put in here.

The bugs listed below have been fixed since the initial 0.6.3 prerelease.

- Fix lockup bugs generating the Old Forest.

- Fix whole class of bugs that could result in monsters being killed twice and other weirdness.

- Fix bug where items dropped by monster death would infinitely retrigger a trap region.

- Fix for Bug #15823 Lockups (long lake?)

- Numerous updates to regions to get most traps working.

- Fix bug with trap attack descriptions.

- Fix for Bug #15612 Locked myself out of shops.

- Improve correctness of retargetting code.

- Fix to prevent missed coated missiles affecting the player.

- Fix for Bug #15816 Identify wierdness with staffs

- Fix for Bug #15814 Thirst can be beneficial

- Fix for Bug #15663 Disease cures ineffective

- Ensure itemlist view is up to date.

- Was missing power values for effects.

- Fix by kaypy for Bug #15811 Poison attacks vs poisoning

- Try to help townsfolk navigate town more correctly.

- Fix for monster list in term window accidentally grabbing keypresses.

- Fix to try to really force forms of Sauron not to appear together.

- Fix for term display issues with monlist code.

- Fix bug preventing player allies from casting spells and summoned monsters from using spells other than summoning spells (reverse of what was intended).

- Fix for Bug 015664 No effect from healing potions

- Prevent monsters immune to poison from being poisoned.

- Fix pottery names.

- Fix bug preventing themed object generation working with the new drop hack in place.

- Fix for Bug #12455 Shop knows more than player - bardic pseudo-id

- Fixes for Bug #15682 Labels from coating weapons vanish/don't show up

- Fix for Bug #15690 Applying potion crashes game

- Fix for Bug 015751 Temple should buy "Dagger (Blessed) (1d4) (+11,+8)" [again]

- Fix for Bug 015744 Should we bother about vines?

- Fix for frequently requested Bug 015738 Average items should auto id to +0,+0

- Fix for bug 015678 Too many region pieces!

- Fix for bug 015737 Damage dice displayed on leather gloves

- Remove debugging code causing object mispricing.

- Fix formatting issues including bug 015739 Extra space between "a" and object.

- Stop mouse targetting from losing keypresses.

- Fix on windows for Bug #15581 Mouse too sensitive.

- Fix bug where any attack that could miss the player would never hurt them.

- Fix problem with monster ammo regenerating.

- Fix for Bug #15741 Torches from different sources don't stack.

- Fix for Bug #15743 All rings pseudo id unusual

- Fix for Bug #15566 Monsters have wrong ammo type

- Fix for Bug #15752 Unable to throw flasks from a Magic Bag of Supplies

- Fix for bug 015613 Wrong scroll used up

- Fix triggering region traps by dropping items on them.

- Fix for Bug #15742 Id through use should clear some pseudo id types

- Fix for Bug #15746 Mushrooms of restore dex/agility

- Fix for Bug #15747 Food in Rivendell

- Fix for not being able to sell some objects to the store (and try to improve id consistency a little).

- Fix low level ecologies to allow wandering monsters from the ecology.

- Fix open chest appearance.

- Fix some effects text.

- Fix for pathfinding issues.

- Fix for Bug #15679 Recursive summoning trap

- Fix for Bug #15670 Deep pit does continuous damage

- Fix for Bug #15683 Missing thrown weapon triggers check for coating (0.6.3pre2).

- Fix for Bug #15684 Area indicator of traps overwrites walls / doors (0.6.3pre2)

- Fix for Bug #15691 Earthquake trumps permanent walls

- Fix for Bug #15692 Free identification

- Fix for Bug #15693: Cross circle research

- Fix bug computing deepest race.

- Fix up some errors in ecology code.

- Fix to allow player to attack dangerous races in town.

- Simplify and fix correctness of guardian placement code.

- Fix for Bug #13671 Final fight against Sauron

- Fix for bug 015652 Sauron and Morgoth have Inverse meat shields

- Fix for Bug #15657 Racial abilities appear to affect starting equipment

- Fix for Bug #15253 divide by zero in monster_scale

- Fix for Bug #15198 more room_info corruption

- Fix for Bug #15126 make_attack_ranged: potential status effect wrap around

- Regions now apply effects which move the player correctly.

- Fixed digging and searching skills being reversed.

- Fixed problems with skills not being correctly displayed in birth menus and added colourised stat modifiers.

- A variety of bug fixes for trap regions. These are pretty much working as intended now.

- Fix for Bug #15202 beginner mode gender selection always picks "male"

- Fix for Bug #15617 Groups of 'default' shrines

- Fix for Bug #15569 Ego/High Ego stacks worth too much.

- Fix for Bug #15581 Mouse too sensitive on Windows.

- Fix bug #15614 - Some map features show up before exploration.

- Fix for Bug #15545: Monster targeting m/-/+ no longer functional by stopping projection check from clearing temp grids unnecessarily.

- Fix for preventing save file loading a file with a completely full ecology.

- Fix ranged attacks not resulting in any text.

- Fix bridges not protecting player from underlying terrain.

- Many fixes to the projection functions.

- Fix for monsters which fire shots occasionally dropping nothing.

- Fix for some other monsters dropping wrong ammunition type.

- Fix bug preventing mushrooms from working.

- Fixes for starting ring bearers (Reported by Arralen).

- Skills were in wrong order (Reported by Arralen).

- Fix for bug 015554 Stat potions dont do anything

- Fix for 015552 Rings unusable

- Fix bag display problem.

- Improve bounds checking during targetting/looking to try to avoid crash.

### Build / Platform ###

- Rowan Beentje (Lebannen): Significant updates to the Mac OS/X platform as well as some general platform updates.

- Significant rewrites of the projection and blows code.

- Remove another set of case statements: this time for describing item effects.

- A number of improvements to dungeon generation to allow map designers to improve specific dungeon designs. You can now create 'special' levels of various types, and use level and special room flags as a part of the dungeon zone set up. This allows a lot more granular control of dungeon architecture and special scenarios.

- In addition, added ability to have Mario style hidden access to dungeons. Note Gandalf taking one such route in his fight with the Balrog.

- Update class and race code to use new skills array.

- Make mushrooms tval 79. This simplifies code all over the place.

- Implement ability to regenerate the last dungeon level as per Bug #15115. Because this uses the simple random number generator, you have to switch this capability on explicitly.

Wizard command S specifies a dungeon seed. If dungeon seed is not zero, we generate levels using the simple random number generator and store the last seed used.

Wizard command L will then regenerate the last level using the last level dungeon seed.

Let me know if you need the ability to see what the seed and last seed currently are, or modify the last seed in any way.

- Switch over to using 'modern' Angband timed effects on the character.

- Player spell and ranged attacks now use the new do_cmd_item interface.

- Darke: Dumps out html files of various lib/edit/ text files; needs to be run from the 'root' unangband directory

- Create some more safety hatches for infinite loops in dungeon generation.

- Start describing monster blows using edit file code.

- Exclude html dumps from user directory in svn.

- Remove warning when ALLOW_TEMPLATES code is disabled.

- Moved much summoning code to edit files.

- Move breath damage and attack power details into data files.

- Add some diagnostic code for stacking problems. Add a save file fix to try to address the same.

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Unknown said...

A few comments on the linux build:

You might want to add a file explaining how to build on linux. Here are the instructions that I had to use:

automake --add-missing

This however requires a number of packages to be installed, that not everyone will have. Perhaps you could package up the configure and Makefile.in files that are generated by automake ?

There is one error in configure.in (at the toplevel): there is an extra newline in the AC_CONFIG_FILES line, which should be removed since it prevents a correct build)