"Don't let the name fool you: The Unnamed Angband has no shortage of distinct flavour that sets it apart from any other variant. You adventure in Tolkien's world, through towns and wilderness and multiple dungeons, journeying from Bree towards greater and greater danger.

This variant roughly doubles the monster list, expands the class-based system of Angband with numerous possible specialties that let you fashion a unique character, offers a positively absurd variety of terrain (cages that trap you, floor chests that can store objects, burnable woods, chasms, bloodstains), and includes a bunch of major interface improvements, including better presentation of graphics and an experimental isometric view." - From angband.oook.cz.
Welcome to the old Unangband page, a variant of Angband which I developed for over ten years.

The official Unangband home page is now at at https://dgolddragon28.github.io/Unangband/ which contains links to the latest releases and source code.

I would also like to thank the new Unangband maintainer DGoldDragon28 for taking over this variant. DGoldDragon28 had been developing a variant based on Unangband, and now has my blessing to continue with the main Unangband releases as well.

Sunday 20 April 2008

Unangband 0.6.2 gold released

This release is a development check point which allows you to play a "relatively" bug free version of Unangband, while we significantly hack on the source to add extra features that may potentially destabilize further releases.

Please save often.

This release would not be possible without my collaborator Mikolaj and contributions from Big Al, Anne and the other members of the angband.oook.cz forums.

You can download the source from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-062-gold-src.zip

You can download a precompiled Windows executable from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-062-gold-win.zip

Macintosh and Linux compiled versions to follow shortly.

Unangband 0.6.2 Gold "As Is" aka "The Unwarranted Release"

### Game Play ###

- Show basic resists as numbers (similar to pvals) to indicate
that basic resists are cumulative.

- Add Invisibility spell and potion of Invisibility.

- Make restoring a stat cure temporary stat loss.

* made !oBloating worth some gp so that shops stock it

* filled up runes for some egos

* toned down some artifact stat boosts to make it harder for thorgot next time :)

* added nutritious potions to 2 shops

- Rework low-level bard spellbooks to include another book
(Sympathies) which fits between Chords and Harmonies, as well as
remove archery related spells and movve throwing/melee related
spells so that they are available earlier. (Suggested by Arralen).

* added lights to the Elrond's house

- Further monster tidy ups including moving Tangleweed and golems

- Try to make golems more interesting.

- Give some monsters hit to dispel attacks.

- Uncontrolled objects are now mastered over time, as opposed to
being uncursed. This should make them more interesting, as well as
rings of teleportion etc. less boring.

- Allow ego items to have activations. This means Seven League boots
should correctly randomly teleport again.

- Added boots of dancing.

- Try to make mouse shape a little more useful, cheetah shape a
little less like boots of speed. Shapes are still a bit hackish in

- Player construction of pit traps now requires a digger and spikes,
making them not exploitable.

* make debug-mode cure-all get rid of diseases, petrification, etc.

- You can't over-exert yourself if you cast a spell that costs no
mana (eg. concentration).

* less XP for Beorn

### User Interface ###

- Allow browsing of shrines, magic circles.

- Add a warning when you can't go back to where you came from.

- The big monster color commit. Monsters should now have a unique
colour / letter combination unless it is for a good reason.

* YAT to char dump (flags move foremost, as in V)

* YAT to dungeon dump

* YAT (yet another tweak) to visited dungeons list

- First pass at 256 color implementation.

- The cause of death is now noted in the character dump.

### Bug fixes ###

- Remove pvals from wands that accidentally had them.

- Fix mislearning about HURT_LITE when actually BRAND_LITE.

- Fix for bug Bug #13254 No death from bad mushrooms even if

- Fix for Bug #13443 No pval displayed in object name for REGEN_MANA,

- Improve correctness of price guessing algorithm, to try to rectify
various bugs with pricing.

- Fix for Bug #13588 Casting Mana Pool in deep water yields Potion of

- Fix for Bug #13589 One charge missing from selling wands message.

- Fix for Bug #13594 Bridge of stone on lava, spells no longer
pass over.

- Fix for bug Bug #13599 Globe of Invulnerability is broken.

* probably fixed #13624 (Home Knowledge screen ('~6') crashes game)

- Remove center block of Minas Morgul, Tirith and Dol Guldur so that
you don't get stuck in stone when you come out the bottom.

- Partially fix #013424 (remember locations of the windows at game startup on OS X)

* got rid of "Lev 0" in ~7

* fixed broken color_table in main-x11.c

* fixed crash when getting gold stolen

- Add back in entry format hints to the lib/edit files where they
were removed. This makes it easier to quickly refer to, or at least
guess, the entry meanings.

- Fix for Bug #13582 "A (offscreen) fails to teleport you away."

- Slight tweak to source_birth death message.

- Improve death messages and move generation of death messages to
point where player is actually killed.

- Fix cause of death issues with activating ego items.

- Fix for Bug #12899 disarming player traps should not give XP.

- Fix bad logic that caused wands and staves to be fully IDed when
discovering its flavour for the first time. Closes #13456.

- Fix several problems that meant resting until dusk/dawn didn't
work or wasn't charged for in stores.

- Monsters that left a body which was hidden in terrain did not
redraw the 'visible monsters' term window.

- Make mushrooms of poison actually poison you, and fix up a couple
of (currently unused) note formats.

* fixed services in Heavy Armoury

* fixed a pink mushroom

* fixed store services broken by the blows

- Fix bug that might have caused .raw file initialisation problems.

* a couple of text fixes from the forum

* REGEN_MANA from objects now affects SP not HP

* REGEN_MANA, etc. are displayed with 'I' also for objects that
don't modify stats

* fixed the inability to fill things from fountains

* temporary Big Al fix to #13409 (Disturb detect problems)

* tweaked the shopkeepers

- Start work on modding.rtf documentation.

* added WOR to temples, slight price tweaks

- Fix for Bug #13256: Throw or fire in place of service "Recharge
Item II"

- Part of ongoing fixes for Bug #12885: Feature request: let
Lanterns, etc. set fire

- Fix for Bug #13347 Allow access to documentation at level up

- Fix for Bug #13255: "Dise" does not disappear

- Fix for Bug #12710: Cumulative Disease broken

* fixed Mighty Blow at empty spave weirdness

### Build / Platform ###

- Add modding.rtf and .txt which provide information about modding
Unangband and the various lib/edit files.

- Player spell damage scaling now controlled from within spell.txt.

- Move damage specification and number of spell blows from blows.txt into spell.txt.

- Initial blows.txt parsing code and data structures.

* Makefile.std from V; move config.example to config to get nice
compilation caching and debug binary

* added docs/ to build_win.sh

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