"Don't let the name fool you: The Unnamed Angband has no shortage of distinct flavour that sets it apart from any other variant. You adventure in Tolkien's world, through towns and wilderness and multiple dungeons, journeying from Bree towards greater and greater danger.

This variant roughly doubles the monster list, expands the class-based system of Angband with numerous possible specialties that let you fashion a unique character, offers a positively absurd variety of terrain (cages that trap you, floor chests that can store objects, burnable woods, chasms, bloodstains), and includes a bunch of major interface improvements, including better presentation of graphics and an experimental isometric view." - From angband.oook.cz.
Welcome to the old Unangband page, a variant of Angband which I developed for over ten years.

The official Unangband home page is now at at https://dgolddragon28.github.io/Unangband/ which contains links to the latest releases and source code.

I would also like to thank the new Unangband maintainer DGoldDragon28 for taking over this variant. DGoldDragon28 had been developing a variant based on Unangband, and now has my blessing to continue with the main Unangband releases as well.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Unangband 0.6.2 beta released

This release was prompted by Mikolaj Konarski reminding me we should probably do a beta release at some point, and pointing out that I hadn't added any broken features or crazy ideas in a little while. Mikolaj also reported the majority of bugs in this release, as well as fixing most of them.

The source code is available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-062-beta-src.zip

[Edit] A precompiled Windows binary is available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-062-beta-win.zip

A precompiled OS/X binary is available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/Unangband-0.6.2-beta-osx.dmg

[Edit] A precompiled Linux binary is available at http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband_linux_062-beta.tar.gz

Changes follow:

### Game Play ###

* Made most deep dungeons shallower now that you cannot WOR to bottom; cannot make Angband shallower, I guess, or no-campaign mode will break

* You can never be permanently stat drained now.

* Made the number of quest rewards slightly random

- You can also no longer try to cast with insufficient mana if you are at 3 CON.

- You can now inscribe anything edible with =<> max_hp/2 player cannot be instakilled by traps

* The new rods where as heavy as staffs; fixed

* another pseudo-id hack, so that broken items do not get {magical} when worn

* Fixed inability to fill empty flasks (bottles were OK)

* Changed the maximal attained depth per dungeon field to be absolute rather than counted from the surface; lots of code is simplified now

* Saving replacement guardians now, to avoid false dungeon knowledge about recycled guardians

* Fixed WOR that didn't take into account different depths in different dungeons

* Fixed description of *Enchant** items

- Fix for Bug #12794 Wrongly guessed Resist Confusion.

* Changed depth display with ^T and in dump to absolute, as everywhere

* Fixed some warnings by mingw; one of them was a bug making GIANT monsters hard to melee only rarely

* Probably fixed the bad interaction between easy_corpses and easy_floor

* Added auto-correction of too low saved player dungeon depth

* Fixed #12742 (shopekeepers sense curses on all sensed items)


Mikolaj said...

Hmm, the changes list looks quite compressed here...

Mikolaj said...

The sources compile OK on my Debian/Linux. I can put together a primitive Linux binary archive, as with wip7e (71 downloads!), if you like.

Andrew Doull said...

Sounds great. I'm not sure what happened to the change list - I had problems getting it into Blogger for some reason. Will try an update.

Orillian said...

Just wondering if you have plans for a Win release shortly as well?

Purdy please. I do not have a compiler installed ATM so I can not get the source compiled on my own yet. :(


Mikolaj said...

Linux binary bundle uploaded. Now only the Windows port remains, but I see you've already prepared the archive...

Mikolaj said...

Great, all ports seem in sync. Now, what about this page below? It seems to be stuck at wip7c...


Andrew Doull said...

And updated this post with Windows and Linux binary details.

Andrew Doull said...

You need rights to update it. I only have the logon details on my Mac - which is at home and I'm on the road until Saturday. Also drunk and starting work at 7 am every day...

Usually I update there, plus drop an email to the forums, rgra, rgr-announce, Rogue Basin + Fresh Meat...

Unknown said...

What does inscribing food with =<> do? Autoeat when hungry?

Mikolaj said...

Nope, the changes list is garbled. This particular sentence should read:

- You can now inscribe anything edible with =< to eat one of them when you travel.
Normal food will automatically be eaten, but you can inscribe it with !< to not do so.