"Don't let the name fool you: The Unnamed Angband has no shortage of distinct flavour that sets it apart from any other variant. You adventure in Tolkien's world, through towns and wilderness and multiple dungeons, journeying from Bree towards greater and greater danger.

This variant roughly doubles the monster list, expands the class-based system of Angband with numerous possible specialties that let you fashion a unique character, offers a positively absurd variety of terrain (cages that trap you, floor chests that can store objects, burnable woods, chasms, bloodstains), and includes a bunch of major interface improvements, including better presentation of graphics and an experimental isometric view." - From angband.oook.cz.
Welcome to the old Unangband page, a variant of Angband which I developed for over ten years.

The official Unangband home page is now at at https://dgolddragon28.github.io/Unangband/ which contains links to the latest releases and source code.

I would also like to thank the new Unangband maintainer DGoldDragon28 for taking over this variant. DGoldDragon28 had been developing a variant based on Unangband, and now has my blessing to continue with the main Unangband releases as well.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Unangband 0.6.2-wip6a

Unangband 0.6.2-wip6a has been released. This update fixes a number of bugs reported from the wip6 release. This is a work in progress release: please save often.

I've worked hard on improving the documentation and experience for those new to Unangband, as well as fixed some major stability bugs on the Windows platform. If you've tried Unangband recently due to the discussions on angband.oook.cz and were dissatisfied, please download this release and see if I've addressed the issues you raised.

You can download a windows executable from http://prdownload.berlios.de/unangband/unangband-062-wip6a-win.zip.

You can download the source files from

- Added in differing religions for priests. Note that this only affects starting books and only
Mandos should be selected at this stage - the other priest books are not well populated as of

- Fix bug with wand of sparks having rift effect 50% of the time.

- Fix bug with birth menus causing incorrect game choices much of the time.

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